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...and we’re excited for the next chapter of this journey.


We’ve had a great run... 
from Maxine

I am retiring from Bookkeeping and looking forward to new challenges in the future and am therefore transitioning my Bookkeeping business over to Legacy Advantage. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I enjoyed our business relationship, and thank you for your support over the years.

The new owner, Bob Wang of Legacy Advantage, really appreciates the relationship I have with all of my customers; he understands how to operate a bookkeeping business, and is keen and capable of developing new ideas for take your bookkeeping in to the future. Bob and the bookkeeping team will be working hard to keep all existing customers happy.

I will be staying on through a transition arrangement to ensure a smooth handover of the business. No major changes are planned for the business in the short term.  Bob, however, will be seeking customer feedback to identify how additional customer value can be created. If you still wish for you taxes to be done by me, please visit www.maxtaxbc.com

The bookkeeping team will remain the same, both Shanon and Vicki support this transition and are positive about the future under new management.

You can contact Bob by email at bwang@legacyadvantage.ca  or call him on his cell  778-858-8462.

I can be reached  by email maxine@hilltopbookkeeping.com or at the office number  604-856-2224.


What's Going to Happen?


Where are we going to be moving?

We're staying put... at least for the first little while.

Between now and May/June, our plan is to stay at the original Hilltop location. We want to make this transition as easy for you as possible. You can still drop off your documents at the same place.

After May/June, we're going to move an office in the Aldergrove or Langley or Cloverdale area. We haven't decided where yet, so we'll keep you in the loop!


Who's staying?

Maxine's staff are great! We're keeping all of them.

Again, our desire is to make this transition easy so we'll make sure that the same staff are taking care of your files. We'll be adding new associates (staff) as we go, so we're excited for you to meet our growing team.


What's going to happen with pricing and billing?

We want to keep the overall cost the same. Maxine often charges by the hour, but we want to charge a fixed fee. For example, if the average bill for the past 6 months is $300/month, then we're just going to agree that going forward, we're just going to charge $300/month. This make it easy and predictable for both parties.

In term of billing method, we use Pre-Authorized Debit... only if you're comfortable. We want to offer you this option so that you don't have to send us cheques or call in with your credit card each month.


What other changes can I expect?

There are no mandatory across-the-board changes that we plan to implement. However, we do have a much better understanding of technology. If you want, we can offer tools such as Quickbooks Online, HubDoc, Google Drive, to make both of our lives easier.

We see many opportunities to be more efficient. For example, we can teach you how to invoice directly out of Quickbooks Online and email it directly to your client. You can even create an invoice on your phone, so you can send invoices on the go. This reduces paper work on your end, properly tracks your AR, and you can see if your client has opened or viewed your invoice. You can also give them the option to pay by credit card. Of course, it makes it easier for us too. It's a win-win!

If you are curious and excited about how technology can make your life easier, we'd love to show you. If you want to maintain status quo, that's OK too.


I'm not happy with the current level of service? How will you improve?

Just come talk to us. Bad bookkeeping is a result of bad bookkeeping process. Perhaps there are some ways we can work together to make sure we get the right information to get your bookkeeping right.

All solutions start with a conversation, so let's talk!


Will you be doing taxes?

Though we are a CPA firm, Legacy Advantage only does bookkeeping. That being said, I know several highly trusted Accountants in the area that I'd be happy to refer you to. Once you decide on an Accountant you want to work with, Legacy will be responsible for coordinating with the Accountant so you don't have to.

So if you're wanting a one-stop-shop, we can offer the same type of experience.


Legacy Advantage?

Legacy Advantage is founded by Bob Wang, CPA, CA. He used to work at KPMG, and realized that people have a hard time finding good quality bookkeepers. He started Legacy to solve this problem.


In one year, Legacy has become one of the largest bookkeeping firms in Vancouver. Legacy offers CPA level bookkeeping. Not only can you gain confidence that you are CRA compliant, we can also offer financial analysis so you can gain business intelligence. It this sounds like mumbo jumbo, it's all good. Basically, if you have a burning financial question that you just haven't been able to answer, like job profitability or gross margin problems, just give Bob a call! We can schedule a time and see how we might be able to help. You can read more about us here: legacyadvantage.ca


Our Senior Manager here is Lorna Jones. She's a very experienced accountant with many years of experience as a controller. She's also had her own business before so she's very in tune with the struggles of running a small enterprise. Lorna is an expert with Quickbooks and Quickbooks Online. I'm confident that Lorna and I, along with the existing Hilltop Team, will be able to continually serve you. In fact, we look forward to finding more ways to add value to you by bringing you more financial intelligence so you can make better decisions.


Email Us: info@legacyadvantage.ca

Call Us: 778 858 8462

Visit Us: 403 - 19292 60th Avenue, Surrey, BC, V3S 3M2

We are open Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm.

Maxine Blinston