Focus more on your business
leave the bookkeeping up to us
Get accurate financials and CFO-level insights
that will help you grow your business.


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Our Accounting Services

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Our Process


We’d love to hear about your goals and aspirations. After understanding the big picture, we’ll dig into the details of your bookkeeping process so we can assess your needs.


Once we understand your needs, we’ll send over a proposal that outlines our plan for tackling your challenges and a fixed monthly price for those bookkeeping services.


Once you accept our proposal, we’ll get your bookkeeping tidied and up to date and begin implementing cloud accounting tools that will ensure proper bookkeeping going forward.

Get Connected

Once the set-up is done, the hard part is over. You’ll be connected to your CPA-level bookkeeper and they will become your main point of contact.


Once the clean up is done, the hard part is over. You’ll get connected to your bookkeeper and he/she will become your main point of contact. Don’t worry, we only select the best CPA or CPA students.

Benefits of Better Bookkeeping

Peace of Mind

Our CPA-level bookkeepers will ensure that you’ll have accurate and timely financial reports and keep CRA off your back.


Our CPA-level bookkeepers will help you understand the numbers, keeping your finger on the pulse of your business.

Financial Insight

We can make recommendations to improve your business. Essentially, you’ll have a Controller/CFO on your team.

Our Team

Through a rigorous interview process, we’ve built a team of super-friendly bookkeepers—all CPAs or CPA students. They’re the best, most talented and upbeat bookkeepers you’ll find in Vancouver and Calgary.

When you work with us, you’ll be assigned a dedicated bookkeeper, but the team is always behind them, meaning that no matter what happens, we’ll always have your back.

Meet Our Team

Our Clients

We love our clients and they love us! Not only do we deliver an incredible bookkeeping service experience, we always look for a win-win. We get your bookkeeping done efficiently, accurately and on time, and while we do we look for ways to improve your business by introducing new apps, identifying areas of cost savings, and recommending ways to grow profits.

Meet Our Clients

“I’m interested and would like to talk to someone.”

You bet! Call (778) 785-6879 or fill out this form below.

Our Story

Legacy Advantage was founded to solve a big problem: Small businesses and entrepreneurs couldn’t find quality bookkeeping services geared towards their needs. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we believe that by focusing on what we do best—bookkeeping—we can help other entrepreneurs focus on what they do best.

Our mission is not only to give our clients peace of mind through accurate bookkeeping, but to look for opportunities to add value. We hire CPAs and CPA students so that they can provide the financial insights and literacy that will help you better understand and improve your business.

By democratizing those financial insights, we believe we can help you make great business decisions. Our goal is to act not only as bookkeepers but as Controllers and CFOs, keeping the books neat while identifying opportunities for your business to grow.

Our Core Values

  1. Communicate Fearlessly
  2. Never Settle
  3. Unleash your Untapped Potential
  4. Entrepreneurship—Own it, Improve it, Deliver it
  5. We Win and Lose as a Team
  6. Nothing is Given, Everything is Earned

We Love Apps!

How is it possible to have CPAs to do bookkeeping?  It’s only possible because we leverage cloud accounting technology to help us increase efficiency without compromising on quality. Take a look at some of the tools that we use.


google drive




light speed pos



quickbooks online

receipt bank