A dynamic regional city centre, Langley is rated as one of B.C.’s top five cities for work.

The industrial sector growth in Langley has outpaced Vancouver and Surrey for over a decade.

Our goal is help these businesses thrive.



Langley is Metro Vancouver’s sixth largest municipality and a dynamic regional city centre frequently rated as one of B.C.’s top five cities for work. The city’s primary industries are:



Retail & Wholesale



Industrial sector growth in Langley has outpaced Vancouver and Surrey for over a decade, likely thanks to Langley’s robust connections to national and international shipping, its interconnected road, rail, port and airport infrastructure, and its proximity to the U.S. border.

Langley’s overwhelmingly young labour force, active commercial and industrial sectors, high-density residential development and average five-year growth rate of 8.8% make it a promising destination for entrepreneurs and our goal is to help these businesses thrive.

Why Legacy

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, or a director of a large corporation, you need timely and accurate financial data to inform your business decisions. Trying to grow a business without clarity is like driving blind.

At Legacy Advantage, we support small businesses in Langley and throughout the Lower Mainland by removing blindfolds and providing the bookkeeping services you need to make informed business decisions.

Our team of CPA-level bookkeepers:

  1. Provide fast, accurate and efficient bookkeeping services
  2. Explain how these numbers impact your business
  3. Help you use this information to plan for your future

We take the bookkeeping off your hands so that you can take your business to the next level.

Case Study

Mainland Fireplaces

This fast-growing business was founded by two couples. Together, the four of them grew the operation from zero to over $1M with very little professional support. When they reached out to Legacy Advantage, one of their partners was handling the bookkeeping. They wanted to free her from that task so that she could focus on moving the business forward.

The Problem

As the business grew, so did the responsibilities of each partner. The paper-based system they’d originally established just wasn’t keeping up and they were starting to experience bottlenecks. Bank reconciliations hadn’t been done for months, and there were errors that the bookkeeping partner just couldn’t find time to fix.

The Solution

Our CPA-level bookkeepers met with the partners to discuss their needs. In exploring their process, we found that the bookkeeping partner was able to handle the revenues and payroll, but struggled to manage the bank reconciliations, GST and PST filings and monthly corrections, mainly because she didn’t enjoy these tasks.

We recommended they use our Controllership service. Most of the data entry would be done by the bookkeeping partner, and Legacy would step in once a month to perform the month-end bookkeeping—namely the bank reconciliations, GST and PST filings, and accuracy reviews.

The Result

• Knowing we’ve got her back, the bookkeeping partner is less stressed

• She is able to focus on the aspects of bookkeeping that she enjoys

• She has more time to work with her husband and partners on business development


“We are a small family business and are so happy we have found Bob and Lorna at Legacy. They are so helpful, we are excited to work closer with them as our company grows. Thank you!”

—Tamm, Founding Partner, Mainland Fireplaces

“I’m ready to take my blindfold off. Let’s do this!”

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Our Team

Our super-friendly bookkeepers are all either CPAs or CPA students. We have a rigorous interview process which helps us select the best, most upbeat bookkeepers in Vancouver, Langley, and Surrey.

You’ll have a dedicated bookkeeper, but we also work as a team. No matter what happens, we’ll always have your back.