Richmond, which is home to 12 of B.C.’s top 100 high-tech companies, is primed for growth—

Fast, accurate, and efficient bookkeeping is a key asset in growing in this city’s economy.

Our goal is to help your business in Richmond succeed.


Richmond is the fourth largest city in B.C. and boasts one of the most diverse and highly educated workforces in Canada. Situated between the two arms of the Fraser River, Richmond is a port city and regional transportation hub. Its key industries include:





With the Vancouver Fraser Port, the Steveston Fishing Port and the Vancouver International Airport as part of its infrastructure, Richmond is a major economic entry point for Metro Vancouver as well as jumping off point for trade with Canada’s largest trade partners, the U.S. and China.

Home to 12 of B.C.’s top 100 high-tech companies, the city is primed for growth in this sector and others. As a small business bookkeeping services firm, our goal is to help entrepreneurs and small businesses in Richmond succeed.

Why Legacy

What We Do

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, or a director of a large corporation, you need timely and accurate financial data to inform your business decisions. Trying to grow a business without clarity is like driving blind.

At Legacy Advantage, we support small businesses in Richmond and throughout the Lower Mainland by removing blindfolds and providing the bookkeeping services you need to make informed business decisions.

Our team of CPA-level bookkeepers:

1.Provide fast, accurate and efficient bookkeeping services

2. Explain how these numbers impact your business

3. Help you use this information to plan for your future

We take the bookkeeping off your hands so that you can take your business to the next level.

Case Study

Family-owned Construction Business

Narnia Construction is a family-owned construction business that operates on cost-plus contracts, which makes receipt tracking vital. Despite working with numerous bookkeepers, receipts were being lost and as a result, profits as well. They approached Legacy for help.

The Problem

The owner’s time was most productively spent in the field, looking for the next construction project or solving problems on current ones. However, the company’s lack of internal processes and reliance on paper receipts required the owner to divert their time to administrative tasks, such as bookkeeping, payroll, expenses and bank reconciliations.

The company tried bringing in individual bookkeepers, but none were able to establish a suitable system. With their bookkeeping changing hands so many times between the owner and various bookkeepers, the company’s Accounts Receivable ledger became so messy that they could no longer tell which clients owed them money.

The Solution

We switched Narnia Construction from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online and introduced them to a software called ReceiptBank that enabled employees to photograph and input expense receipts the moment these were received. The owners were then able to go through these receipts and assign each a cost code and project number.

These costs were then pushed to QuickBooks Online where a mark-up was applied and an invoice automatically generated. In addition, we took over their payroll, recorded all of their expenses, and completed their bank reconciliations.

The Result

• Narnia Construciton’s staff are able to instantly record receipt information, reducing profit loss

• Invoicing and monthly reports are now timely and accurate

• The owners have more time to focus on current projects and business development

• With access to real-time, accurate financials they know exactly how much they have in receivables at any given moment.


“Our company recently opened a branch in Toronto. The team at Legacy has been incredibly helpful, not just for our book keeping, but also helping us navigate the regulations of doing business in Canada that we are not aware of in the USA. Everyone in their team is incredibly helpful and SO SO quick to respond to all inquiries. We usually hear back from them within a few hours, including on weekends. Thank you Legacy!”

—Elliot Smith

“I’m ready to take my blindfold off. Let’s do this!”

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Our Team

Our super-friendly bookkeepers are all either CPAs or CPA students. We have a rigorous interview process which helps us select the best, most upbeat bookkeepers in Vancouver, Surrey and Langley

You’ll have a dedicated bookkeeper, but we also work as a team. No matter what happens, we’ll always have your back.