If you’re starting a small business in Vancouver, we’re interested in being a part of your team!

Vancouver is one of the country’s largest urban centres and is rich in all kinds of industries. Our goal is to help these businesses thrive in the Vancouver economy.


Vancouver is one of the country’s largest and most vibrant urban centres and the nation’s gateway to the Pacific Rim. The city is rich in industry, including:





Its picturesque location, high standard of living, and well-educated workforce have proven attractive draws for a number of industries, particularly the film and technology sectors for which the city has earned the nicknames “Hollywood North” and “Silicon Valley North.”

As more entrepreneurs look to Vancouver as a location for their start-ups, our goal as a small business bookkeeping firm is to help these businesses thrive in the Vancouver economy.

What We do

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, or a director of a large corporation, you need timely and accurate financial data to inform your business decisions. Trying to grow a business without clarity is like driving blind.

At Legacy Advantage, we support small businesses by removing blindfolds and providing the bookkeeping services you need to make informed business decisions.

Our team of CPA-level bookkeepers:

1. provide fast, accurate and efficient bookkeeping services

2. explain how these numbers impact your business

3. help you use this information to plan for your future

We take the bookkeeping off your hands so that you can take your business to the next level.

Case Study

ProWorks Painting

ProWorks is a fast-growing business offering commercial painting services in BC and Alberta. They wanted to streamline their processes in order to achieve cost and time savings. Doing this would require a detailed job costing of paint supplies and labour, efficient running of the payroll, and accurate reporting of sales to the franchisor. They hired Legacy Advantage to help.

The Problem

ProWorks had an established process for estimating, invoicing, and job costing; however, this was done using Microsoft Excel or Word. To calculate the payroll costs of a job, hours were transferred manually from a time tracker to a spreadsheet. The system was working but was inefficient and prone to error. Most importantly, the system was not scalable.

With their data divided across documents, financial insights were difficult to discern. They couldn’t make proper strategic decisions. Should they focus on renovations or new builds? Should they focus on commercial or residential projects? Without the right information, they were unable to confidently make these decisions.

The Solution

ProWorks explained their existing process to us and the purpose for each step. Our team studied this and proposed a single integrated system that could perform job tracking, invoicing, payroll, and job costing. Once this information became accessible through the same interface, reading and interpreting the data was a much easier task.

The Result

• ProWorks is now able to devote more attention to analysis.

• With real-time information, they know their profitability, which helps them stay on budget.

• ProWorks has greater confidence in making informed business decisions.

• We cut their administrative costs, contributing to their bottom line.


“The Legacy team helped us to revolutionize our painting company. From the conceptualization stage through testing and implementation, they helped bring our vision to light while guiding us with their experience and expertise. Bookkeeping, yes! But they also worked with us to improve job flow, minimize redundancies and leverage technology. All this has allowed us to be more efficient, more profitable, and better able to make decisions with the right information.”
—Jay Smith,  Manager, ProWorks Painting

“I’m ready to take my blindfold off. Let’s do this!”

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Our Team

Our super-friendly bookkeepers are all either CPAs or CPA students. We have a rigorous interview process which helps us select the best, most upbeat bookkeepers in Vancouver, Langley, and Surrey.

You’ll have a dedicated bookkeeper, but we also work as a team. No matter what happens, we’ll always have your back.