5 Things to Ask Your Bookkeeper

5 Things To Ask Before Choosing Your Bookkeeper

Your business is thriving – and you realize that it’s no longer a good use of your time to be doing all of your bookkeeping on your own. You’re confident that you’ve done a good job establishing your processes, but you’re not getting the comprehensive financial analytics you want. You know there is a better way. You’re looking for help, and more importantly, smart insights that will help your business grow. Another one of your priorities is to reduce your overall stress and have more time to spend with friends and family. You’re on the hunt for a bookkeeper that will help you achieve your business and personal goals.

What if I told you that many bookkeepers only do the bare minimum and actually don’t reduce that much of your workload?

That doesn’t sound great – right?

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I’ve created an easy cheat sheet to help you ask the right questions when you’re searching for a bookkeeper that will work for you.

Here’s what I recommend you ask before choosing your bookkeeper:

  1. How can you contribute to my bottom line? Can you bring any innovative solutions to my business that save me money?
  2. What’s your pricing structure? Do you have an hourly rate? Or do you have a performance-based rate?
  3. Do you have a team to back you up? If my associate is ill or goes on vacation, will another one of your team members maintain my books?
  4. What responsibilities do I (the business owner) have in the bookkeeping process? What documents do I need to submit on a monthly basis? How do I do this?
  5. How frequently and timeline can I see my up to date financials? Do I see my financials on a month-to-month basis? Quarterly?

Now you know what ask, you’ll probably want to know how a good bookkeeper should reply.

Well, you are in luck. 

We’ve created a FREE extended guide called “5 Things to Ask Before Choosing Your Bookkeeper – And The Responses They Should Give You.”

We’ve shared insights that will help you understand how bookkeepers operate, bill, and deliver results. Most importantly, the guide details exactly what a good bookkeeper should tell you when you ask those questions. Our guide is a must-read for those looking to save time and money.

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About Bob Wang

Bob is the owner and founder of Legacy Advantage. He holds a CPA and has experience at a private client services brand, Big 4. Bob's passionate about empowering organizations through quality bookkeeping services.
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  1. Burt Silver
    Burt Silver says:

    This is great information about choosing a bookkeeper. I like that you mentioned that you should ask if they have a team that can back them up. It is always good to know who will handle your business in case your bookkeeper is otherwise occupied. I have never needed the services of a bookkeeper before, but if I ever need one I will definitely keep this in mind.


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