lorna jones

Lorna Jones


I have had the wonderful opportunity of working for a few companies where I was able to apply my Accounting Certificate education in many ways.  However, the experiences and knowledge I gained along the way have been priceless. Education opened the door for me but my work experience has taught me to continue to learn, to grow and to never settle.  When I first learned about Legacy Advantage I was amazed.  I had worked in public practice at the Big 5’s before and this was nothing like it.  CPA level bookkeeping for clients, to partner with Accounting firms and to offer associates flexibility for pursuing their education along with a wide range of work experience including working directly with their own clients…. unprecedented.  After meeting Bob in December of 2016 I knew that Legacy Advantage was the perfect fit for me.  When I started in January we hit the ground sprinting and I look forward to our marathon together. I am so thankful and proud to be part of this organization and to help others leave a Legacy of their own.