Wayne Lam


My name is Wayne, and I am a recent graduate from BCIT’s accounting program. Prior to working at Legacy, I had imagined bookkeeping to be a very boring career with nothing but simple data entry. I could never be more wrong. At Legacy, we do our bookkeeping with the mindset of using it in innovative ways to provide clients with financial intelligence. We constantly review our work and think of ways to better streamline our files. We work with clients to try and provide them with information their previous bookkeeper could not give them in order for them to thrive in their industry.

At Legacy, I’m honoured to be given an opportunity to work with business owners of all backgrounds and equipping them with the tools they need to succeed in their business. I have an entrepreneurial heart. My passion is in building a business and to also see the many other passionate entrepreneurs at work. I could not be happier working anywhere else as Legacy has given me solutions to help these passionate owners grow and to grow alongside them. I also could not be more thankful for the numerous opportunities Legacy has given me to grow myself personally and professionally. I feel that at Legacy, it’s much more than just simple bookkeeping for compliance.

P.S. Outside of work, you may find me working passionately in my own little start up or working on fine tuning my piano skills.